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June 2016

This summer, I'll be taking on some Eugene O'Neill in O'NEILL UNEXPECTED playing at NYC's Metropolitan Playhouse in the play "Now I Ask You" as conceited Bohemian Gabriel Adams. 

Come check us out June 3rd - 26th! Click here for Metropolitan's website for show dates, times & tickets!

Dec. 2015

"It's starting to feel real..."

I'm elated to share that I'm doing one of my favorite shows, Passing Strange, once again! Only this time, I'll be portraying "Youth." This is a total dream role and it is such a gift to bring such a layered character to life. Stew, you are defintiely a Shakespeare of sorts, except way cooler I'm sure. 


Come check us out at Playhouse On Park in Hartford, CT from Dec. 2nd-20th, 2015. You can click here for more info on dates and tickets! 





The Coolness:

Passing Strange meets BUZZFEED

Check out the New York Times Interview Feature on the show! 

"As the character of the "Youth," Eric R. Williams is very appealing, with a super singing voice and a commanding onstage presence. " - Talkin' Broadway

"...Youth, played by Eric R. Williams, who in the role, showed significant range of emotion from boredom and restlessness to contentment and joy, then confusion and finally sorrow. His interpretation of a young man who yearns for "the real" came across with just the right mix of energy and ennui..." - BroadwayWorld



"...Youth is played with calm grace and inner fortitude by Eric R. Williams..." - CTNow

"Equally dynamic in a quietly intense way is Eric R. Williams as the Youth, evincing the young man’s feelings of being limited under his mother’s caring, watchful eye..." - The Examiner 

A real strength of this production is that Eric R. Williams plays Youth’s self-conscious cool so well; Williams gives the part a likable earnestness that should have wide appeal—to any current or former youths bent on self-discovery, or, as he puts it, “finding the real.” - The New Haven Review

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